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Since 1993, ESS Group, Inc. has been providing quality software development, hardware acquisition, and systems integration services to our clients and business partners.

ESS Group, Inc. is a licensed supplier of IBM eServer logo iSeries hardware.

ESS Group, Inc. also provides software development and project management services specializing in open source architectures, enterprise software development, and enterprise wide implementations.

We provide a full range of project management and implementation services as well as cross platform connectivity and application integration across all technologies.

ESS Group is a certified CMAS, MSA, and small-business vendor authorized to provide IT services to government agencies and organizations throughout California.

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IBM eServer logo iSeries is the premier integrated business server that is ideal for organizations wanting to enter the sophisticated world of e-business without the complexity normally associated with multi-platform installations. With the iSeries, you are never locked into only one operating system.